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puma asked in PetsCats · 1 decade ago

Why has my Top Contributor status been removed from Pets/Cats?

I answer questions on Pet/Cats since I have been owned by them for over 61 years. I started in May of 2009 and am a level 4. I was given the honor of top Contributor around the end of June of 09 and have held that until Tuesday of this week that I know of.

At the end of October of 2010 I had to give my beloved Samantha who's been with me for over 18 years that final act of love and have her euthanized after she suffered a massive stroke. I tried answering cat questions for a few days after her death but found it to be just a bit to difficult. So from around the beginning of November I took some time off to deal with Samantha's death.

I e-mailed Answers yesterday and since "Appeals" was the only site I could find to ask my question I did so. I received an e-mail back today and it instructed me to try all these different sites but alas there once again was not a site that handled this type of request. I tried the "Appeal" site again today explaining that I had not violated any guidelines and was wondering why my status had been removed however, the submit site will not allow my transmission to be received.

I truly enjoy Answers and I'm not sure of the reason why my status changed can anyone in the community offer a reasonable explanation? Was it the time off I took after the death of my beloved Samantha?

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    First of all so sorry about your heart break of losing Samantha,who was a dear friend for the past 18 years,it is a difficult time when we go through grief of losing a special pet,

    now the reason the badge gets taken away is when we stop contributing answers in the chosen category,it is nothing you have done wrong at all its just yahoo rules,so you have answered some during that time when Samantha died but with not coping so well, it could be your answers weren't getting chosen as best,as you couldn't answer as well as you would usually,

    so yes taking time off has affected the status of top contributor,but if you continue to answer now it should return in a few weeks,it appears or disappears on a monday morning,so like i say its nothing you have done wrong its just these rules they have,i have seen many top contributors badges going when they don't answer for a little while,but as soon as they are active for a few weeks it reappears,

    so sorry again about your terrible loss,i too lost my darling cat she was 15 and i know i couldn't have coped answering questions when i was so heart broken,grief is so cruel to us but we slowly heal,may your darling cat Samantha rest in peace.

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    I am sorry about Samantha. It is wrenching to lose a cat friend after so many years.

    A TC badge will vanish two weeks after your answering/BA% drops below a certain point. What that point is is not made public but the formulas do vary from section to section. In CATS, I think it is around 40 answers per week with 15% BA.

    If you do begin answering and getting BA at that rate the TC badge will return 2 Mondays from when you resumed. That is, if you answer 40 questions in CATS between now and whenever this Sunday ends for Y!A (think it goes by PST) your badge will NOT be back this Monday. But if you continue answering and getting BA at that rate next week also, your TC badge will be back the Monday after this coming one.

    Source(s): Have lost mine a couple or so times since I first got it.
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    I'm so sorry about your cat. What a hard thing to go through.

    But please try not to feel like there is some kind of penalty or slap in the face to losing that Top Contributor status - mine comes and goes, and I have noticed that it goes when I have been less active. For instance, when I have been on vacation for more than a couple days and so away from the computer, I come back to find that it is gone. You lost it simply because you were not able to come here for several days - it's automatic, rather than personal. When you feel like posting more, I'm sure you will regain it quickly.

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    You have to maintain your high percentage of best answers. If you receive less best answers than usual then you'll lose your TC status, so that probably happened while you were away grieving. Then again it could be a glitch... I lost my TC badge a few months back for no reason then got it back again later that week. They badges are usually given out on Mondays though, so if it is just a glitch you might get it back then. :)

    I am so sorry about your dear friends passing, I hope you feel happier soon. xxx

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    I am sorry for your loss, and understand you were not really excited to get back to posting.

    But it is the lapse in your frequency of posting that was the cause.

    I know if I have been away for a couple of weeks of vacation, my status as a TC is no longer present. And it takes awhile of regular posting to regain the TC status.

    While I don't know if it is pegged to your % of best answers, but I suspect not. You can have really good answers, but just don't happen to be picked. But that doesn't mean you didn't help someone.

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    I'm so sorry about Samantha. I can imagine how hard it is to get back on and answer questions.

    I'm sure the time lapse probably impacted your status. I am willing to bet that you will zoom back to the Top Contributor status as you jump back in to help everyone.

    So - don't focus on the title, just get back to doing what you do best.

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    I am sorry to hear that you have lost your kitty. :( But yes, that is the reason you lost your top contributor status. In the time that you were not actively contributing, others contributed more than you so you were no longer in the top contributors. I was a cats top contributor also, but that went away when I wasn't on yahooanswers for a while.

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    It looks like it happens when you aren't as active as you were. It really sucks that you didn't want to answer questions because your cat died, though! I'm very sorry for your loss (your kitty, not your badge) and I hope you'll earn your badge again soon. I've also learned something - I didn't realize you could lose your badge, either. I guess it's not like Girl Scouts, where once your mom sews it on, it's there forever!


    Edit: Maybe I should have said "Badges? We don't need no steenking badges!"

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    That time you took off cost you your badge; no biggee; I let mine lapse from time to time also. I've only had mine back for a couple of weeks now.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Welcome back.

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    Tootie is right; you pretty much have to submit daily answers -- probably SEVERAL daily answers -- in order to maintain that status.

    P.S. Really sorry to hear about your kitty cat.

    Source(s): From time to time, I earn T.C. status in "horses", but usually lose it again because I would rather be out RIDING my horse than talking about horses on the computer.
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