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what basketball position should a 12 yr old play?

I'm 12 yrs old and I'm in 6th Grade. i wanna know what position is right for me because I'm going to Middle School next year and i wanna train on 1 position. I'm 5" 0' 95 lbs but I have been growing really fast, I play rec ball with all the other kids and they don't have any awareness about basketball.Also I do amazing in rec ball but i freeze in travel and all star and I force bad shots. I shoot the ball well and i don't push the ball like most kids, I got some good ball handling. I out rebound most kids so i got a okay vertical.Please tell me what position I'd suit best with.

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    I was about 4'10 when I was your age and I played guard so maybe you're a small forward. It's really tough to say because at that age you just have to go with your skill set. It's hard to predict how tall you'll end up being so just stick with doing what you're good at on the court and don't worry about labeling yourself with a position.

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    You would probably play like SF or PF depending on the other kids though

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