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can i sue someone for selling me a car that they rigged up?

well i brought a car from some people and we met and everything so i could check it out. I test drove it and it seem to work fine. About 3 weeks later maybe i started having problem with it and took it to a mechanic and he told me whoever sold you this car rigged it up to make you think it was a decent car so now im out of a car and lost my money.

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    Did you take the car to a mechanic and have it checked out before your bought it? No Sorry but used cars are AS IS its your responsibility to check the car out before purchase.

  • Anonymous
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    YOU BOUGHT the car, he couldn't have SOLD it to you without you as a willing participant.

    yes, you can sue anyone for anything.

    You wont win however.

    You checked the car out before you bought it. His problem became yours.

    You could have had a mechanic check it before buying it, you chose not to.

  • ken k
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    what is wrong with it/being a master tech for 30+ years i always question the alarmist mechanic/what is the problem/that is a mechanical device and as with all they can be repaired/these mechanics go to terms like oh this is worn out/some parts are worn and some still function/its a used car not new/whats wrong is the question?

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    You can sue, but you wouldn't win. You purchased it as-is and then had it inspected 3 weeks after purchasing it. How do you think a judge would respond to that?

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    Go nuts. You wont win.

    Its your fault you own a rigged up car because its your job to make sure the car is good BEFORE you buy it.

  • Jeff R
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    ONLY, if you can prove that they in fact rigged it up, you can maybe sue and get lucky, but I doubt it. If you cannot prove it beyond doubt, then NO.

    I'm assuming it was a very used car, if so, then in most every state, you bought it, you deal with it. You assumed responsibility for the car when you signed the title.

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    You can sue anyone for any reason. Whether you win or not is up to the judge.

  • Sorry, you are liable for the inspection before you bought it. You would have to prove fraud and prove they covered it up. What proof do you have they covered it up and not someone else.

  • Andy
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    it depends if the car was a "trade sale" or "sold as seen"

    if this is the case there is no comeback

    otherwise you can take it up with citizens advice

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    Yes. Suing them now might stop them from doing it again to someone else.

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