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I don't want to go to my friends house what should i do?

He just called 10 minutes ago, i said i couldnt come over because my mom isnt home and she will be home in 45 minutes. He said okay he will call back then. So i just bought myself 45 minutes to think of something so i cant come over, please give me real answers. I would just tell him that i dont want to come over but he always answers on speaker and hes with our other buddy right now too, and i dont wanna seem like i dont like them. So what is a good excuse, i asked my mom and she said to tell the truth, but she is old and its easy to tell someone to do that. So please can i have some serious answers? What should my excuse be? It cant be something like, "i dont feel good" or "im grounded". It has to be something like an actual situation came up or something. So give me your creative minds!!!

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    just be like"ummm...yeah. my mom said that i can't come over and i have some chores and stuff to do here at my house. or be like " not that i don't like you guys, but i don't really wanna come over right now, i don't feel to good and i'm tired, Maybe saome other time though:)

    etc....hope this helps:)

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    Well, besides just saying: "I don't want to come over." You can say, I'm tired. Or, I've got a busy day tomorrow, so I want to rest (or, my mom doesn't want me to leave because we're busy tomorrow). Or, I have homework/chores. Or, my mom won't let me leave, she needs my help with something. Or say, I'm wrapping gifts for the holidays. Or, someone's car broke down, so I have no way of getting over there, or something... lol. Or say like... "I really want to play this video game right now, I'm so close to beating this level!" Lol. I use some of the above excuses all the time.. :)

    Also, you could fake an injury. Like... say you hurt your back and all you want to do is stay home.

    Good luck, man.

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    The more you make excuses the more you are going to get caught.Just tell the truth.

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    Dude, just tell him you don't feel like coming over right now. It isn't that big of a deal, really.

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    Seriously? Just tell him you don't really feel like coming over. He's not going to care as much as you think he will.

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    Say something came up like you had to go out of town to visit a friend who is sick or something?

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    say that your mom got home and she said that you had an appointment, or you had a special dinner you forgot about, or there was a family get-together.

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    fell down stairs



    Stuff like that , be casual ;D

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