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Who wants to hire a 23 yr old female secratery or office assistant?

I do not have much experience but I need a door to open for me! My future depends on me, Im fast at learning and willing to be trained no matter how long it takes!

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    Since you are fast at learning - here are a few tips.

    People don't hire off of Yahoo Answers. Check or go 'beat the street' with your resume.

    It is spelled secretary. If you are applying for a position, you need to know how to spell it.

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    Number one: Learn to spell. Secretaries must be able to spell simple words. Also, work on your grammar.

    Number two: Stop dumping your friends for your boyfriend. You are twenty-three, not thirteen. Get that childish mindset off you and start acting like an adult. Adults have friends aside from their guys. You are not a true friend.

    Third and final: Look on the INTERNET and not YAHOO ANSWERS. There is Craigslist, HotJobs, Monster, Indeed. Those places have job offers.

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    First you need to learn to spell. That is a HUGE part of being a secretary. You need to learn typing, filing, dictation, phone protocol and much more..there is a thing called business school to help with that.

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    I hope this advice will help

    You can try to volunteer or find a part time job which would allow you to get some experience and knowledge in various office skills.

    Also take a look in your local telephone book under heading like "employment" to see if you can find a temporary employment agency. They can help you find a job and some of them do offer computer training.

    You can also contact your local, state, or the Federal Department of Labor or Education, consumer protection agency, and etc. to see if they have any information, resources, advice, and etc. to help you out with this matter and situation

    They may have information for tutoring, financial aid, school accreditation and etc.

    Also there are many community (2 year) colleges that offer computer classes in Microsoft Office, computer applications, and etc.

    Some community colleges do offer work study programs that can help you find a job

    Here is a list of community colleges in the US that you can contact to get more information

    You should also learn to use Microsoft Office which is used for word processing, spreadsheet applications and etc.

    You can then use the search engine to find many free tutorials, ebooks, forums, videos and other information

    For example if you want to learn Excel 2003 then you can go to and type in “Excel 2003 tutorial” and then you will find many good tutorials for learning Excel 2003.

    Word 2007 tutorial has many tutorials and various support resources for learning how to use their software and products

    Top-Windows-Tutorials is a good website for learning about Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7; how to protect your computer with antivirus and firewall programs; backing up your files and data, and etc.

    YouTube has videos for learning almost any subject or topic

    Word 2007

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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    Lots of people would be willing to hire you. I suggest you write up a resume and start taking it from business to business. If you have any computer skills, put those in your resume. I wish you luck!

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    Its not the 1950's anymore where business firms hire women for their looks.

    You're better off flipping burgers at the local fast food chain

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    Perhaps the first thing you need to concentrate on is your spelling.

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    Can you cook rice ?

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