Super cheap Archos 101?

Where can i order an Archos 101 for a cheap price? im short on money and i was REALLY hoping for one under $200.. Please help...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I total understand and relate to you, unfortunately, I doubt you can do it right now for under $200 legally. Why?

    Well Archos is having production issues and people can't get them - especially the Archos 101 16GB. Retailers are selling them for the list price of $299.99 for the 8 GB and $349.99 for the 16 GB. Fact is some people are selling theirs for a profit (e.g. $500 or more for an A101 IT 16GB).

    Right now, I'd suggest you put the money back and wait. I'll admit I found an 8-inch Android 2.2 tablet for around $200, but thing is the software isn't ready for prime time and the manufacturer isn't supporting it. I hesitate to mention it.

    Archos does have some Internet Tablets for under $200, but they are much smaller than the 10.1 inch screen for the Archos 101. You can always window shop at the Archos Store (

    Source(s): Personal opinion and experiences.
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