I want a boyfriend...?

Im half a month away from 20 and im having a dilemma. I haven't had a long-term relationship since ever, and im starting to get worried. I know half of you will probably say, youve got time! but at the same time, i can't seem to hold down a relationship with someone im equally attracted to and interested in. I feel like everyone that im interested in doesn't give a flying **** about me, and usually turn me down, and the people that i don't want to be in a relationship with slobber all over me. Im decently attractive, average weight, better than average bust, and have a "nice ***". Im not sure if i don't get out enough, but its getting to be a pain in the ***. Im worried/lonely/frustrated. what should i do? (please don't give me the "join a club" line either... ive tried)


i express myself openly and try not to be worried about what people think. i have friends *(both guys and girls) so its not like im a shut-in. Ive also been in college about two years, and im in a CC, which makes it exponentially harder to hang out with someone now as opposed to high school.

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    You just haven't met the right guy yet, but you will. Sometimes we all make the wrong choices in choosing who we wish to be with. I know as this has happened to me. But when all is said and done, your tomorrow will eventually bring you Mr. Right and when it does, you'll know it was worth the wait. Trust me, it will happen.

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