What is the balanced chemical equation for the decomposition of barium chlorate?

I tried looking in my chemistry book for help but I couldn't find anything. Ten points best answer! Thanks in advance :)


Hey isn't the charge of chlorate ClO3? That's what it says in my book. Just wondering than I'll give best answer :)

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    Ba(CIO4)2 --> Ba + 2ClO4

    Barium Chlorate breaks down so the barium is seperate from the chlorate.

    Chlorate is a polyatomic ion and the ion is negative 1.

    Barium's ion is +2

    So Ba +2 swaps with ClO4 -1 and you get Ba(CIO4)2

    Make sure to use the brackets for polyatomic ions, unless the charge is only 1.

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    Barium Chlorate

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    Are we talking about the thermal decomposition of barium chlorate:

    Ba(ClO3)2 ==> BaCl2 + 3 O2 or

    are we talking about the dissociation of the salt into ions in aqueous solution:

    Ba(ClO3)2 ==> Ba+2 + 2 ClO3-1?

    Big difference between the two.

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