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Mouse scrolling wheel problems?

my mouse scrolling wheel has been having some problems. its frustrates me and i dont want to buy a new one. Every time i would scroll down with da wheel the page would stutter and it would be hard for me to scroll down or up. Please help me :(

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    What Bjorn said. Plus maybe reinstall the mouses driver if it has any.

  • Bjorn
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    Well, there are a few possibilities. My guess is that your scroll problem has more to do with your video adapter than your mouse, as you are saying this stuttering makes it hard to scroll.

    If there was something wrong with your mouse, it would simply not scroll. So since the screen stutters it makes me think it is the video card.

    So, you should reinstall your video card drivers.

    The stuttering you are noticing happens when the computer cannot process the video signal properly, and that would happen if the video card drivers became corrupt, which does happen from time to time.

    You can find the drivers on your computer manufactuer's website, under "Support". Look for "Video adapter" in the Drivers section.

  • frankg
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    have you tried taking the wheel out and cleaning it and the mouse ?

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