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what should i do to make my cat spot biteing i have tried water but did not care! HELP?

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    My first cat did that too!

    He was about 6-8 months old and already neutered when I got him. He was VERY friendly, playful and affectionate -- but within minutes of greeting me appropriately, with purring and head-rubbing, he would grab my ankles with his forepaws, sink his teeth into me, and begin viciously biting me and pummeling me with his hind feet -- PURRING all the while! I could not sit on the couch and read a book because he would crouch at my feet and continually lunge for my hands. I had to banish him to the bathroom at night because he would attack me while I tried to sleep. When I was away from home during the day, he would bite the furniture, chew the venetian blinds, and shred my paper towels and toilet paper like a bad puppy. Squirting water didn't deter him either -- he thought it was funny, and would play with the stream of water!

    The ONLY thing that finally helped was...another kitten. My guess is that he simply was bored being alone all day, and needed a companion. Not only did his behavior improve virtually overnight, but he also became quite gentle toward that kitten, and the several more strays I subsequently took in.

    So, my advice to you is, if you can manage it, get your cat a play mate!

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    when your cat bites you yell at it and dont give it attention for a little while. cats can tell when your angry at them by your tone of voice. and dont play with the cat when it bites you. your cat will start to think that biting is a way of getting you to play with it and will not solve the problem.

  • puma
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    DEAR Mallory,

    You don't mention how old your cat is. If he/she is still a kitten then the reason it is biting may be that it is teething. You can try to pose this question to a vet and see what their advice is. I hope this is of some help to you.

  • Anonymous
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    she wants to play. drag a shoelace on the floor every time she wants to bite and up the wall and exhaust her to death!

    a flashlight beam would work, and maybe a bouncing ball to buy in pet stores and there are running mice toys, too.

    worked with mine.

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