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What is the biggest island in the world?

any island like in central america or Oceania or idk anybody knows


umm Australia is a continent

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    Greenland is the biggest Island. However studies have shown that both North and South America are floating... What I mean is, if you look at a map of the middle continents and compare them to the Western continents, it will look as though they could piece together. The reason is that at one time it was just that, one big peace of land, the other half broke away. Studies have shown that the distance between western and middle earth have spaced out between each other showing that Americas, are really just a big island. However, I doubt that nearly 1 third of the world will be considered a big island... however that would be the biggest island.

    Greenland is the answer to your question though.

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    As an Australian, I can safely say, that Australia is often referred to as the only island continent. All the other continents are connected to something else, somewhere, while Australia is not, and is definitely classified as an island.

    Source(s): I'm an Aussie (and stop pronouncing it Orssy, its pronounced Ozzy)
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    Australia. It is an island nation.

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    But if you classify Australia as a continent then Greenland.

    But who says what the cut-off point is between island and continent?

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    Greenland (Australia is not an island)

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    I think it's Australia.

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