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Why do I get emails without a e-mail in the to section, emails addressed to other people, and links?

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    It sounds as if you are getting spam. Emails addressed to other people probably have email addresses in the BCC (blind carbon copy) that you can't see. Same for emails with no address in the TO section as it is in the BCC line. Are you talking about links in the email text or in the subject line? That's because the sender wants you to go there. Do NOT do so as some link pages are malicious and can download a program to your computer without your knowing it. Always delete as SPAM any emails that are strange or from people you don't know. Do NOT open them or click on any attachments. Marking them as spam should send them to the SPAM folder. If you never reply, they may give up, but if you answer them, you have then verified your email address as a good one. Bad, bad, bad. You will then find yourself getting even more spam. Make sure you empty your SPAM folder periodically.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nope. you should create a sparkling case you want emails out of your previous deal with for your new one i imagine you should have the Yahoo Mail Plus and also you are able to do forwarding there. you are able to set up something to have your e-mail forwarded.

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