Excuse me, a few questions for anyone who has RPG maker?

I'm trying to decide between getting RPG maker and another game-maker thing, but I wanted to know a few things first before deciding. The questions are if you can create custom content, what kind of music and tiles are provided in any particular version, how successful have you, the user, been with making a game, and do you know if the games can somehow be played on a Nintendo DS or if they're computer-only games? Thanks to anyone who answers!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, RPG maker can use custom content. The music provided is rather generic themed music... nothing great, but not bad nothing inspired either. The tiles are fairly well diversed with enough different types you could create an entire world straight out of the box, but you'll likely want to import your own custom tiles as well. I didn't stick with the program too long and moved on to other forms of game development, so I haven't exactly been successful with it, but I've heard of plenty of games that were successful. As for if they can be played on the DS, no. Those games are made in such a way that they're very limited as to what platforms they can be deployed to, and without some additional emulation software, those platforms are all PCs.

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