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Will I gain weight? help please!?

Ok, I started this growth hormone called genotropin because I have ISS(Idiopathic Short Stature) and i remember my doctor saying something like, if you don't weigh enough the growth hormone won't work properly because you have little weight and then ur body will refuse to let the medicine work.

This morning I weighed myself and it said I was only 72lbs and I'm 4 feet and 7 inches tall at 13 years old. So today I decided that maybe if i sorta "treated" myself to some food I'll weigh at least a pound more by THIS monday so my doctor won't think i'm starving myself when I'm not. I kinda ate a lot of sweets at school today(not okay =[) but I did have breakfast. And then tonight my dad(my parents are divorced) is taking us out for my sister's birthday so I decided to order what I want there but still have it be a little healthy. And then tomorrow my mom is taking us out on my actual sister's birthday(at the rainforest cafe) since she wont get home till around midnight from traveling. If I order what I want there too and still eat breakfast, will I gain at least a pound from those 2 days? or no? I usually eat healthy, but still allow myself a treat occasionally. So i'm not sure if this is enough

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    A healthy diet should consist of eating 5 meals a day - 3 large meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 small meals (snacks). If you want to gain weight you'll want to eat high-fat foods. No, not like french fries and nachos with melted cheese and 30 pounds of potato chips. You don't have to eat foods high in saturated fat to eat high-fat foods. There are a number of foods that are high in fat that are NOT breaded with bread crumbs and suffocated in oils whose names are unpronounceable. For instance avocados, olive oil, and nuts (like almonds) are all (healthy) high fat foods that are also good for your heart.

    It is so easy to sneak at least those three foods into some of your meals.

    For breakfast you can have eggs. Eggs are an excellent source of protein (which is also good to help you gain weight). With the eggs, have some fruit and a piece of toast. You CAN have butter on your toast. Sure, it may be "unhealthy fat", but you need some of that to gain weight.

    For your first snack grab a handful of nuts or trail mix. Even if you've never quite acquired the taste for peanuts, there are so many other types of nuts and they each have their own unique flavor. Try almonds, pistachios, walnuts, or even pecans. If you're going to make your own trail mix add a few craisins or raisins to mix up the taste.

    For lunch have a sandwich. Have anything on the sandwich you want. The secret is: add a little olive oil and vinegar to one of the pieces of bread for a.) the vinegar will add some extra taste and b.) the olive oil is a good fat. If you don't quite like the taste of vinegar than olive oil will be just as good by itself.

    Your second snack could be guacamole. Guacamole contains avocado in it. It tastes awesome with some corn chips and makes a great healthy snack.

    For all your meals, including dinner, go a little crazy and eat a little more than you usually would. Don't worry about something too unhealthy. At age 13 you shouldn't be worrying about how much you eat. So if you eat too many cookies one night, don't worry about being "bad" or "unhealthy". Just enjoy what you're eating and know that in the end of the night, those extra cookies were delicious and that is all that matters.

    This is NOT a meal plan made by a doctor or specialist to be followed by on a daily basis. These are just suggestions, not a plan for a diet.

    Wish you the best of luck in gaining that extra pound. You can do it if you just believe.

  • Don't do it! You'll turn into the abominable snowman!!!

    I'm playin' you have to make sure that you just don't work of what you eat. So let's say you eat 1,000 calories, don't go and jog or swim or do ant physical activity. This is so that your body will use amino acids to turn the carbohydrates into healthy fat. That's good, as you'll be able to lose it and you can easily gain weight by doing this. Just don't over do it.

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    if you wanna gain eat starch carbohydrates bread past potatoes sugar etc.

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