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I'm torn between two people?

First off, I'm single, so I have no previous commitments, and I'm not cheating. There are two girls that I've become close friends with, and I'm interested in dating one of them, but I can't decide which one. They are both very sweet, and care about me. Girl One is rebellious, spontaneous, outgoing, and sweet. Girl Two is a hard worker, very caring, soft spoken, and sweet. They both go to my church. The worst part of this whole thing is, they're both best friends. I'm torn equally between them. I have no idea if either of them have feelings for me, I'm working on finding out, but I don't want to do anything to ruin everything until then. Please help!

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    Well, you should consider which one you can see yourself with, as in long-term. If you can see yourself with neither, then don't go for it because it will raise hopes and someone will be crushed when it ends. If you can see yourself with either girl, then ask God for help, He can give you a sign or something. I hope that helps :) I know some atheist will probably click the thumbs down for this but you said you go to church!

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