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Why is life meaningless for me and I always feel alone?

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    all of the above arent beinf fair!!!!this person didnt choose to be lonley or sad in life!!Jeez!you dont wake up one morning and go im going to be sad today!And when you are sad and lonley it gets to you okay?????And you dont develope a "poor little me" attitude either!You actually feel annoyed all the time okay?And sometimes its hard to juts make friends!I hate it when people say, go and make some new friends!!!!!!!!HEY?it isnt that easy!

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    Your life is meaningless because you are not going anywhere. Get a few good friends and a hobby.

    Truth is all humans lives don't really have much meaning.

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    understand that you will choose life yourself even if you dont have a friend in the world or parents or anything at all you can still feel happy

    only thing you have to realize that the life is what you make it

    attitude matters

    i feel happy just deciding to be happy

    i try to be good inner person wich is a problem because i have split personality

    but it does not matter i want to be happy and i am because what is there a problem in my world? i dont got friends? but i have life and unlimited opportunities

    life is not worth wasting! dont ask people who you are

    you must find out who you are

    i am pretty acceptable with all humans expect for murderers i dont think killing is solution to anything and wars neither

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    It's all in the hands of spirits. After all you have to take only little interest to get rid of the feelings and thoughts you have. Then you will find yourself great changes. All spirits have the dominating character. Domination of a right spirits always take you in a right path and develops your mind in that way.

    Don't search for the meaning. You create one and make others to tell your name. If you think it's impossible then live a normal human being's life.

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  • DK52
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    Because you chose to be a "poor me baby" rather than enjoy what you have, who you have and find the positive things in life no matter how great or small they are. You have put on blinders to the positive.

    And OR

    You have a chemical imbalance within your brain making you suffer from depression. You can see your doctor to find out if this is the case in which there is medication to help you with this condition.

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    This may be hard to understand but it is as you desire. It is meaningless and lonely only because you have chose it that way. The actions you have taken have led you to this point. It will remain this way as long as you do not understand this.

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