How to add one more processor to motherboard?

I wanna if there is a card that fits into one of the slots and allow us to put one more processor. I found something similar here:

But the processor that i got and want to keep is Athlon le 1640 (am2 socket) and would like to add quad core processor.

I seem to have only two options either a) i buy a dual processor motherboard with 1 socket for am2 and other one for am3 or whatever. b) Get card that allow to put in 1 more processor.

Please tell me where to buy this stuff or what else should i do.

Wanna do it all for games like bfbc2, moh, black ops.

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't encountered a motherboard at present that supports two processors with different socket types. I don't think either of your options is viable and what you wanted is available at present. A dual core or quad core processor is already the equivalent of having multiple processors in a single chip which is what's available if you want a multi processor system.

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