Nervous about my first boyfriend?

I got with my first boyfriend 20 days ago :) I like him so much. He is so thoughtful,kind and sweet. I just don't know if i'm ready to be in a relationship.

His texts make me smile beyond belief and the day he asked me out was amazing as we just hung out with my best friend and it was so much fun. But I feel so uncomfortable in school with everyone staring and when I'm with him i'm nervous to kiss him as i feel like I don't really know what i'm doing and people don't expect me to have a boyfriend (not very popular ha ha) I know i shouldn't care what they think but I do and it really gets to me no matter what I do.

I am over thinking it but I can't stop. I sometimes think we would be better as friends as you shouldn't be nervous and uncomfortable but he is literally my dream guy and had me at "hey" ha ha! and maybe I'm so nervous as i've always been insecure and this is my first boyfriend.

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    It's normal to feel nervous in a new relationship, especially your first bf/gf.

    I'm older than you, and I was nervous when my bf and I made it "official". Two months into it (now), it almost feels natural. We're 100% relaxed around each other, and don't care what people think.

    When I was in high-school, with my first bf, I felt very awkward. I didn't have many friends, and it was hard for me to not mind people staring at us. I was happy with him, and like my current relationship, a few months into it, it felt natural. Well, except it took a little longer.

    No kissing in school is fine. Some people don't like seeing PDA. (public display of affection).

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    I think you just need to relax and ennjoy the time you spend with him :). Just make it your goal to get to know him better each day and im sure you will feel less nervous when your around him. P.S. Don't feel embarassed around people just be happy :)

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