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anyone who plays Maplestory i need help!!?

like it said "You have been disconnected" and then it said "The the reason HACK" ll i had on my computer was Maple, Youtube, Facebook and this house pic my cousin was showing me. im sooo confused!!! does this mean that accoutn i used is suspended or something??


ok well i tried goin on that account again and well it said the same thing. Should i try my other account i have on the game? -like u can have 3 of them i have 2.... the 2nd one is the one it happened with and the 1st one is my main one-

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    well that happened to me once but then i logged on again and it didnt happen so i think it's probably just the ,major lag going on on ms so maybe it'll go away? try once more and if it happens again then yeah go on the other account lol to see if it works

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