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I have a 2Mpbs connection. Why is it that I only download at 250ish KB per second?

I have WOW cable and am in MI, near detroit. When I download things, it maxes out at 250is KB per second. I upload at about 20kbps...

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    I also have this type of connection. It always does like this because we have a dial up connection and the Service Provider (SP) slows it down. The speed is not always that is shown so get used to it. Suppose when you connect to the internet there are only 10 people working on the internet with that provider with a speed of 49 KB/sec and after some time there are 20 people and then more. The bandwidth will not increase the people will increase and the place in the bandwidth will be less.

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    first your not going to download any faster than the host computer can upload, second your not going to upload any faster than the client computer can download. But 2mbps doesnt neccessairly mean your going to get 2mbps first off that just means your capable of getting up to 2mbps if ever availble which rarely you get what you pay for. other than that do you have wireless is there multiple computers connecting to your connection? are you doing other things than downloading? because just because your bandwidth is 2mbps doesnt mean you'll get that for everything you do its divided. and are you on satellite cable or DSL because cable shares with everyone else on your line in your neighborhood leading to your home


    Source(s): work related experience from sprint, embarq, and centry link as well as as degree in network security
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    It has a lot more to do with the server sending the data to you than your connection. These servers are throttled to serve many many people. 250Kbps is actually pretty decent.

    try- to see what your connection is running.

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    2 megabits per second = 2048 kilobits per second = 256 kilobytes per second. You are getting your advertised download speed :)

    Most consumer internet lines can download data much faster than they can upload it, so everything's normal there as well.

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