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Is she trying to make me jealous or play games? 10 points!?

This girl and I had lots of eye contact/smiling on the public bus last year. She gave me her number, but due to stress with school, I forgot to call. I threw it out too.

Fast forward to now. I talked to her once on the bus when I had the chance. She had trouble with eye contact, but had a bit of smiling and giggling. She kept the conversation going. Before we talked, she never would look at me when I looked at her. Now that I talked to her, she'd give me eye contact and smile. :D

A week later, she has a friend on the bus. For this bus ride, neither of them talked to each other. They were constantly texting back and forth. I sat across from them. Sometimes, one of them would text, and look at me, while the other waited for a response. I have no idea if that was good or bad, but it got me thinking.

The same time, when I moved seats to look out the window (I had no music to listen to) the girl I like randomly brought up a text she got from a friend saying "hi", and her friend brought up how he is "cute".

The same week she now gives less eye contact (just like before), I've talked to her again, and she keeps the conversation rolling, but I'm confused where she stands. Thanks in advance!

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    I think she likes you but is nervous...you did send mixed signals by giving her your phone number and then never calling. I am 20 but even then (like back in high school) I would just assume you weren't interested or were simply leading me on no matter what you did after that.

    Sounds like she asked her friend to observe and have her back like I used to do in high school.

    I would just let her know that you think she's cool and that you want to hang out.

    Give her subtle flirts when you hang out and if she seems responsive it should be fine to ask her out on a real date because I think she's at least mildly interested and if you like her, it's worth the risk.

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    i read a book and the same thing happened in it!! (the whole likin with a girl on a bus xD) i think u should ask her 4 her number again and explain what happened. after getting it, call her and just be friends. u don't know her well and she might already have a guy. so just to be on the safe side, ask for her number just for now and then later on ask her out or somethin

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    It's time to ask her out. All this speculation could go on forever, and you might never know.

    Explain to her about what happened with school being stressful, and she'll probably understand (if she doesn't, I'd say she's not worth your time.) Ask her for her number again, and CALL HER THIS TIME. :)

    Good luck!

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    yes and I didn't even have to read this, but I did anyways.

    Really dude. Just talk to her or walk away. She's kind of doing the 16 year old girl thing where they demand you take all the risk, but whatever.

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  • She probably does because you diddent call her

    so you should maybe just move on its lots of other

    girls out their that are much better than her

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sounds like you are guys are too old for this just ask her out or she is playing mad games with you and that means shes a party girl and kind of sluty

  • AZD²
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    1 decade ago

    time to be a man and quit acting like a hs kid. Ask her out or don't.

  • 1 decade ago

    She wants you to ask her out. So ask her. You have nothing to lose.

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    She digs u with a shovel.

  • 1 decade ago

    well i think she likes you but wants to make you jealous

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