genuinely lost respect for all men, love and sex.. what do i doooo?

I dont know what to do anymore. In high school I moved in late and never gained any friends, I was just shy. So then once college came, the real me was finally out again. But I had no experience with men or never even been kissed until freshman year last year. But then I was totally myself once finally coming to college. With no arrogance intended, I am veryyy charasmatic, friendly, everyone kind of just seems to love me, because im just very bubbly and positive. I suppose it is just because I am so happy to just finally have friends and be around people. So anyway, in my guy department, I have completely notttt had such a good experience. I blacked out one night and lost my viriginity to a complete stanger. I KNOW. Dont have to tell me, I know the complete idiottt move that was. And then from then on it just went down hill. One guy told me he liked me, we started seeing eachother but not dating yet, and then he all of a sudden after break came back with an offfical girlfiend. Then the next guy we were dating and eventually the time I thought was right to sleep with him after some time, because I was dumb and naiive, and anyway, he was sleeping with 2 other girls on the side. And so on, but until last week those were at least the only 2 guys I had ever slept with, but have gone through manyyy of these heartbreaks. I just fall sos easily, because im so vulnerable because all I want is just for onceee, for someone to actually care for me. And I keep thinking they do. And they never do. So I have lost all respect for love and men and sex. And now I kind of just look at everything the wrong way. Sex has no meaning to me. So then this weekend, there was this guy showing interest in me, and I just casually slept with him. NOT OK! But he was giving me the attention I needed, and I swear, it sounds stupid now, but weve been talking for a few weeks now, I couldve swornnn he was seriously interested in me. And of course, shockerrr I was heartbroken when he started acting differently now to me. I cant handle any more heartbreaks. It keeps happening, and every time it hurts more and more, and happens quicker and quicker, because I think I am just getting more and more desperate to find someone who cares. And I know I sound dumb, but you have to understand the situations, these guys really did spend time with me, and its not like I pick up random guys, start to like them, and sleep with them sometimes. I really get hurt though. And I cant handle this anymore. This last guy was my breaking point. I feel like life is hopeless! I dont know what to do.. I know I am young, 19, but if I dont change things, I think I will waste so much of my life away, and never be able to find the right person...

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    okay i feel you. i'm a senior in college. i've learned that usually most guys in college are just there to play around & for the experience. they aren't looking for a serious relationship. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM. if you want them to actually care for you/like you for real.. you have to make them work for you & respect you. they won't do that if you give it up right away because there are plenty of reasons... 1. the guy will think you're easy 2. you gave it up so you're not hard to get anymore 3. you had sex before the guy knew you long enough to "like you" for your personality. so don't give up. you're still young. go out & have fun, but don't sleep with guys. you'll regret it & continue to feel bad about it. thats the only way you'll get guys to respect you. hope this helps!

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    So stop dating. College is for furthering your education, not contracting STDs and getting drunk (although that seems to happen a lot). I mean, you're dealing with guys at the peak of their sexuality, so cheating and whatnot is pretty much commonplace. It doesn't mean every guy in the world is a total toolbox. They do grow out of it, in 10 years or so.

    So finish college, stop dating (or date casually and don't try settling down), make friends, study hard, get good grades, graduate with honors. It'll be worth a lot more when trying to find a job.

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    The things you have lost respect for. Men, love, sex etc. is not due to those things.

    It's due to your own bad decisions. A lot of people have a hard time looking at themselves. It's always somebody else's fault or something external. Everything to avoid looking Inwards.

    This is much the same.

    Source(s): Giving me thumbs down just reinforces what i said.
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    Wait and watch to see ,How the day splendid was?

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