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Cant get tampon in am i using the wrong hole?

ive had my period since i was 10 and now im almost 13 and i wanna use tampons. the problem is i cant get it in. im i putting it in the pee hole? i mean i can stick my finger up ther but i cant get a tampon in. i think i might be scared that if i push it in to hard itll hurt. and whats the most comfortable position to put it in???

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    Please read this it will help you a lot!!!

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    First off, the tampon does not go in the "pee hole" that hole is too tiny and it called your uretha. Your pee does not come out of the bigger hole, that is called your vagina. The tampon goes into the vagina hole. Since your young, your going to have a hard time at first. Try putting one leg up on the toilet seat, while inserting it. Go slow, and use your fingers on your free hand to spread open the lips of the vaina to get it inserted.

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    The vagina itself is in no way too small to deal with a penis – undergo in strategies that its partitions are stretchy sufficient to permit an entire-sized infant to bypass alongside it. in spite of the undeniable fact that it could seem too small for intercourse if the muscle mass at its front bypass right into a spasm while your companion tries to insert his penis. this may be a reasonably uncommon subject referred to as vaginismus. some women persons with vaginismus can insert a tampon with none situation, yet others locate that attempting to insert something – a tampon, a finger or a penis – makes the muscle mass settlement. women persons with vaginismus often circumvent having cervical smears, as a results of fact they think of this is going to be painful or impossible. Very on occasion, the penis won't be able to be inserted as a results of fact the hymen (that's the membrane on the front to the vagina) is surprisingly problematic, yet this is quite uncommon certainly.

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    inside every tampon box is an instructions sheet. it tells you exactly how to insert it correctly. keep in mind that the further your legs are spread, the easiest it will be.

    try to find the smallest ones- look for light, skinny, or teen versions of them. they will be the easiest to insert. and get ones with plastic applicators.

    also, don't try practicing when you don't have your period. it's much easier and doesn't hurt when you do have your period and are using the right size.

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    When you buy tampons it comes with an instruction manual. Get ones that have an applicator for easier insertion. DO NOT BUY CARDBOARD ONES. They are difficult to use. I recommend you get playtex easy glide. Remember to relax when inserting a tampon. Good Luck!

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    a tampon will not go in the pee whole lol the key is to relax!!! take ur time

    check out this article it will help alot good luck :)

    plus this site may be very educational for u about ur body and what its going through

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    There are different sorts of tampons

    Lillets are smaller than Tampax

    Try those

    Put a foot on the toilet seat....

    And try again

    Read the instructions in the box

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    1st its not called a pee hole you put it in the vagina hole but we all make mistakes!

    Put your leg on the toilet seat and bend it slightly then you will see a big hole insert it in there

    hope i helped

    good luck x

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    It doesnt go in your "pee hole"

    Your "pee hole" is wayy to small!

    Go to

    It helped me

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    I just gotta say, Brittany's response was pretty hawt. xD

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    That sounds like a conversation you need to have with your mom, aunt... somebody...

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