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Write a letter venting your feelings to some one or thing.?

Write a note a letter here venting your feelings to your lover ,ex-lover,parents,friends,collegues,any more in your life that causes problems or stress

Heres mine

Dear ____,

Our relationship was amazing .Especially the first few months ,i dont know if it was because it was summer or because it was the beginning of our relationship all i know is that these past few months were the best months of my life.I knew you for so long but never would i have imagined that i could love you and we could have something so amazing.You were the one person who i always felt like talking to no matter what mood even when i was angry and upset about something even with you just talking to you about it made me calmer and happier and you've never had any idea how much i loved or still do love you but i do so much.And i know its over now and were just friends but i hate it i know even i said it might be better,but thats just because at the time at least you were talking to me and it was amazing .You really have no idea how much i love talking to you well i dont know whats all going to happen next year but im actually really worried ,i already lost you as my boyfriend,i really dont want to lose you as my friend as well.Just please talk to me.

I still love you so much and i know you do too.

Well anyway that my own personal note to someone now write your own venting letter :)

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    Dear everyone below 10th grade and every pregnant lady (in the US),


    Sincerely, me

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    You were my best friend. We were married. We vowed to stay together forever, and you broke your promise. I can't believe that you left me for someone else. I did everything for you. I gave you my love and my heart. Someday I will forgive you. I refuse to carry this pain and anger with me for the rest of my life. Karma sucks buddy.

    Ok! That was mine. Yours was terrific!!!

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