Why am i not a receiving friend request?

Ok so I have Facebook Gmail and a few other tabs up. I just got an email on Gmail saying that someone has added me on Facebook so when i went to the request section to accept that person but the request isnt there. Whats going on?

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    1 decade ago
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    It might have been fake. If you don't know the person, ignore the email,,,,,it could be spam or a scam. Or even a virus. Some fake Internet pages appear so real that one thinks they are the real thing, but unfortunately, they are not. That is why one should never follow a link in an email that is from someone you don't know. If the request isn't there, it sounds like it's a fake and for specifically what reason I don't know, but please take my advice or one of the days you will get burned.

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    whilst somebody on facebook desires to characteristic you as a pal on facebook,they could desire to at first circulate to the guy whom they want to characteristic as a pal on facebook's profile via typing their call right into a facebook seek,then going to the profile,clicking on the "upload as chum" option (usually located beside the guy's call) and sending the request to that guy or woman in this way. Then the request will look on the guy's to whom the request substitute into sent to's profile for them to the two settle for or decline as they choose.

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    facebook is just weird.

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