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Which is best, Lucha Libre, WWE, or TNA?

Lucha Libre have best Mexican High-Flyers. WWE have best talent wrestler and best storyline. And TNA have hardcore style just like ECW.

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    they each have individual style.

    lucha libre is basically a tradition.

    u dont compare it to mainstream wrestling.

    otherwise its the same thing as saying.."is japanese good or italians?"

    they are totally different thing.

    for wwe and tna....i prefer wwe.

    and as u said...its the storyline tht i find interesting.

    its a whole experience tht im watching...i get very engrossed by the audience reaction to the storyline etc.

    tna is hardcore bt...sometimes...i feel like i'd rather rent some jackie chan movie. is it not? lol.

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    Ugh this is tough I've been a Hardcore WWE fan since the day I was born, TNA has the extreme style I'm obsessed with, and Lucha Libre has high flying matches, I guess I'd say in the end TNA, maybe if WWE was more extreme they would've one never mind WWE is just barely ahead.

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    it is perplexing to declare, because of fact distinctive promotions have been extra advantageous at distinctive cases. case in point, WCW interior the early 'ninety's replaced into terrible, yet interior the mid '80's & from 'ninety six-'ninety 8 it replaced into great. modern ECW is mediocre, yet unique ECW replaced into great. It additionally relies upon on which Lucha employer you propose. CMLL or AAA? yet i'm going to objective... a million. ECW (from around '95-'ninety 8) 2. WWF uncooked (from 'ninety 9-'02) 3. WCW/NWA ('86-'87), ('ninety six-'ninety 8) 4. CMLL 5. ROH 6. AAA 7. Smackdown 8. TNA (from around '04) 9. Superstars 10. ECW (WWE version) i could additionally positioned New Japan from the 'ninety's & early '00's at or close to the desirable, with NOAH & All Japan no longer a procedures at the back of.

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    WWE. The combo of talented wrestlers and great storylines like the Nexus Invasion is just amazing!!!

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    1.WWE is way better than all of those

    2.lucha libre

    3.last but least tna

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    For sure the women on Lucha are far better skilled than those on WWE. TNA holds its own in that dept. b/c they have competent women like Gail, Daffney, etc.

  • Chikara Wrestling gives you all 3, so Chikara Wrestling is better than all 3.

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    easy WWE

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