PLEASE HELP ME! What can I get my best friend (guy) for christmas!?

*Asked once already but I still need answers!!! Please help me!

So. A little back up on this guy. We are best-est of friends and I started to like him. I finally got the nerve after a while and told him and he said he felt the same way. The only bad part is, we said that we are way to close to go out because we did not want to risk what could happen in the end. Any-who. All said and down now, we are still the best-est of friends and we "tried" moving on but I still think we like each other. Like there's the sexual thoughts and everything. (We told each other, so as you can see we are very close.) We are both 15 in high-school. He is like "prince charming", sweet, funny and good-looking...... Smart, great grades, athletic, is shy around people but very outgoing.

I do not know what to get him for christmas. Something funny AND something meaningful (can be two different things). The only problem is he like EVERYTHING or will at least try ANYTHING!

I asked him and he keeps saying nothing. Im like o come on! You know your getting something, so why don't you just tell me so at least it can be good! But nope! It has to be amazing gift! He is pretty much a boy friend so anything is ok!

Any ideas!!!????

Thank you!

2 Answers

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