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Lost iPhone questions?

First off, how much will a new iPhone 3G and 3GS cost with no commitment / no upgrade. Second, my friend broke his iPhone a while ago and ended up just getting a different phone. If I got ahold of that phone, would I be able to send it in for repair and be able to use it under my plan and not his? If so can I change the number on it to be my original number. Lastly, what is the penalty for canceling an iPhone line and instead adding another phone line (that's not an iPhone, I was thinking a messaging phone) from the same provider. In my case, my provider is AT&T.

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    1) The 3g is only sold on the secondary market on sites like eBay where the prices are varied. The 3gs 8gb is $499 plus sales tax.

    2) You could bring it in to the genius bar and see whether it is repairable and the probable cost.

    3) To use the phone, you just insert your sim card. You will have to add a smart phone data plan.

    4) I don't understand why you would cancel a line and add a line. You just change phones.

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    i lost my iphone and the e-mail should be deleted or they are going to use it the contacts might want to nicely be synced on for your iphone once you've it on itunes it is going to synce by it self apps will be synced on iphone in the adventure that they are on the computing device p.s. i dont imagine iphones might want to nicely get replaced i had to purchase a sparkling one and that i had the insurence

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