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A Website That You Can Put Music Notes And It Will Play Them For You?

I got new music for my clarinet and I was wondering if their was a site that I could put the music notes in and it would play it?

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    I don't know of any website that will allow you to do this, but there are software programs that you could use. Finale is one, and they have a free trial version that you can use for about a month. Sibelius is one I've also heard of, but I've never used it myself. Also, you could try SmartMusic, which won't allow you to put notes into it, but it has a lot of songs in the library; your new song might be one of them. And if you download Finale AND SmartMusic, there is a way to put your Finale file into SmartMusic so you can play along with it.

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    Check out Finale Notepad's website and download the free trial. It will work for 30 days, but it will read the notes. You can even make your own music!

    Source(s): Finale Note Pad.
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    There are a pair suggestions for this. the 1st is to apply a internet digital keyboard. the 2d is to get carry of a application which contain Finale Notepad and enter the song in it.

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    Its not a website, its a program

    Dont think theirs any sites that do that

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