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what''s the difference between the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the LCMS?

for those of you who don't know, LCMS = Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

if you have changed from one to another, why?


Illuminator: I believe you are mistaken.

"Q. What is the Missouri Synod's view of abortion?

A. The LCMS believes that abortion is contrary to God's Word and "is not a moral option except, except as a tragically unavoidable byproduct of medical procedures necessary to prevent the death of another human being, viz., the mother" (1979 Res. 3-02A)."

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    3 huge differences:

    1. Ordination of Women - ELCA yes, LCMS no

    2. Open Communion - ELCA yes, LCMS no (The ELCA has pulpit and communion fellowship with other church bodies who are NOT in complete agreement with Lutheran doctrine and teachings, including the belief in True Presence.)

    3. Ordination of openly homosexual individuals - ELCA yes, LCMS no

    Basically, if you want true Lutheran teaching and doctrine, with a solid biblical basis, stick to the LCMS. If you want a church that is doing what the world wants it to do and not what is biblical, then go to the ELCA.

    I was very close to switching from the LCMS to the ELCA until they opened communion to those who believe the body and blood of our Lord is present symbolically, not truly present. And, I have dear friends who are ELCA.

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    Jesus started a Baptist church. no longer via call yet via prepare and doctrine. Baptist doctrine is right and Biblical. B iblical authority A utonomy of the close by church P riesthood of the believer T wo ordinances (Believer's Baptism and Communion) I ndividual soul liberty S eparation of Church and State T wo workplaces of the church (Pastor and Deacon)

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    One is often affectionately poked fun of by Garrison Keillor.

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    The LCMS permits abortion, which is intrinsically evil.

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    ive been to the LCMS....only not the other thinking they have more vitality in the that new?

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