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Problem with USB Flash Drive?

Hi, I have a problem. This afternoon, I used my USB Flash and everything worked fine. And few hours later (now), when I plug it in, it says that it has malfunctioned, and Windows doesn't recognize it. What should I do? It says: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". I tried with another USB Flash and it works. But why doesn't the other one work?

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    You didn't safely remove the drive when you last used it, and consequently you have corrupted the data on the drive, to get use of it agian right click on the drive in my computer and click format, then you should be able to use the drive again

    Otherwise you may want to open the drive up and look at the pcb inside for any dry/unsoldered joints, burnt components, and loose connections that may be allowing the drive to comunicate with your computer but not transfer data ...

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    USB plugs and sockets have not got limitless lifespans. those steel contacts are truly purely the steel leads on a circuit board. After lots of insertions and removals, the steel on the contacts will ultimately positioned on out. they are able to additionally get grimy. certainly one of your different respondents stated taking the flash force aside, and that i agree. be cautious. Taking it aside actually actual means breaking it aside. Get all of it the way down to the bare little circuit board. as quickly as you will discover the contacts on the area that is going into the USB socket on your computer, sparkling them up with a cotton swab and alcohol. Then, because of fact the different guy stated, insert it interior the socket and gently wiggle it around. With success it will artwork this one final time. If it does artwork, reproduction each and every of the counsel OFF OF IT on the instant, and positioned it on a sparkling flash force. do no longer use the old one back. (i've got have been given numerous SanDisk flash drives. None has failed yet, yet all of them will ultimately.)

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