How to date as a single mom?

Ok so yesterday I was really stressed so my bestfriend volunteered to let me go out and watch my daughter (18 months) and my son (7). I'm 27 and love my kids to death but I needed a night out. I went to a club I go to every now and then and know most the people there (I'm a dance instructor so I know most of them from competitions). When I go out my intentions are never to meet a guy because I think most club guys are just trying to get laid and drunk, and I just go to dance. So I actually met a cute guy who I danced with most of the night. He was really sweet I gave him my number and he called today. Here is the issue he is 24 and we haven't discussed it but I don't think he has kids. Usually when I date a guy the person knows upfront that I'm a mom but in this situation when do I tell him. And I never dated a guy who doesn't also have kids so I was wondering what to expect? I know I'm jumping the gun alot but I guess this is advice that can also help if I meet another guy in the future who doesn't have kids. Do you think guys who don't have kids would except my situation or get serious with me? Also should I consider the age difference I usually date older guys so this is something new for me? What you think?

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    Just be yourself. If its meant to be it will be. ;-)

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    Hi, as a man who has been in a relationship for over 3 years with a single mum who is two years older than me I can hopefully offer you some decent advice here.

    Firstly you do need to say to him early on that you are a single mum. some guys will be bothered by that, some not. Depends how open and loving a guy he is.

    It is not good to develop the relationship further without being open and honest. I would tell him on, or before, your next date.

    Date him for at least a month before you introduce him to your kids, in case it is just a short fling. Your kids do not need different men coming and going in thier lives, they need stability.

    In your situation some guys would see you as an easy lay and not want a long term relationship.This is why I would hold off sleeping with him for a while so you make it clear you are not just in it for a quick shag and if he is just looking for a quick shag to go elsewhere, (unless you do actually just fancy a quick shag!)

    The age difference is not really the issue, its more a question of how mature someone is mentally. I am 33 and I am more mature and responsible in life than a lot of people older than me.

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    You tell him on your first date. Assuming you are going to have one. No later than that. Dating is getting to know each other before becoming exclusive. The best time for him to get to know about your life and personality.

    Either he wants to play dad for awhile or he gets turned off from it. That's a chance you will have to take.

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