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How do I do this on Yahoo! Answers?

I want to close out my questions...

how do I do that? Both have votes as best answers, but neither has allowed me to say that person HAS the best answer, comment on it, and close the question.

Please help?


Laredo: That's what I'm talking about. It won't let me.

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    Once you have allowed a question to go into voting or SENT a question to voting, YOU can no longer do a darn thing except cast a vote of your own.

    If you want to CHOOSE a Best Answer to your questions, you must do that while the question is still 'open'. Questions can be resolved from one hour after posting up to 4 days after posting. After 4 days, if you've done nothing, the question goes to voting automatically.

  • Laredo
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    I have had a quick look in your profile and all your questions have gone to the public vote so you will not be able to close the questions, all you can do is vote on one of the answers.

    To choose a Best Answer to your question:-

    You must wait for a minimum of one hour or more.

    Click onto your question.

    Read through each answer and decide which one is the best answer.

    Once you have chosen your Best Answer, click the blue button underneath the answer "Choose as Best Answer".

    Rate the answer by the number of stars.

    Comment on the answer if you want to.

    Click OK

  • All levels can pick a best answer to questions they ask and can vote for best answer on others' undecided questions.


    Levels 2 and up can 'rate' the answers of other Y!A users. Rating = giving Thumbs Up & Down to express your opinion of other peoples' answers. No points are involved (unless a best answer has TUs, then they get 1 point for each TU up to 50) in rating, and thumbs do not determine the Best Answer selection.


    If you go to your question one hour after you ask your question, a little 'select as best answer' button appears by each answer. Any time between then & when the question expires, click on the one you like best. Y!A then gives you 3 points back & gives the answerer 10 points.

    If you miss your chance, the question goes into voting mode. You can still vote for the best answer, but you only get 1 point for your vote.


    go to the category of your choice

    click on the "in voting" tab

    read the question & the answers

    click on the 'vote for best answer' button or the 'no best answer' button

    you'll earn one point per vote (no point for 'no best answer' though)

    You can also go to any question you've answered that the asker didn't pick a BA for and vote for your own answer. It’s a legal way to help resolve the question(s) and to earn yourself some points (1 point for voting as well as any Best Answer points you happen to pick up).


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