i cant decide to ask him out tonight or not?

the weekend before last i met a dude at a bar, and then later that night he found me on facebook, and i accepted his friend request.

last week i sent him a message saying that we should hang out that weekend. he asked me for my phone number and said he may have time to hang out on saturday night. on saturday he sent me a text and said that he was going to friend's birthday but that maybe we could meet later. i went out with some of my friends (and thankfully had lots of fun!) and he texted me at 1 saying that he was staying at his friends party. which is, of course, understandable.

now i am wondering if it is worth it for me to ask him out again this weekend. like everyone else, i hate rejection, but i would love it if he agreed to hang out! and... i do not want to sound desperate. because im not :/

thanks in advance for any advice!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh for gosh sakes.....just ask him out again. Sure he could reject you but you could also be suffering a horrible death so put things in perspective.

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