Please answer, I am happy to answer yours :D ?

Do you think he likes me?? I reallly like him!

Okay so theres this guy in my biology class that I like...

I asked this question and everyone said yes he might like me...;_ylt=ArMd5...

So were both freshman and I still havent really seen him talk to many girls, and he playfull teased me yesturday, and yesturday he was like teasing me and saying that I should go to my sit and he put his arm around me and brought me to my seat.

Then today we talked alot and he was talking about how I always text in class and was teasing me about that. Then he had this string thing and shot my waiste with it and then ran up the hall (the bell didnt ring yet so it was empty) and then he stoped and when i got to him i like playfully pushed him and he held my arms then we walked to are lockers and that happened again but it was on my legs. So from reading ^that and reading my other question do you think he could like me?

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    Yes it definitely sounds like he does! Drop subtle hints that you want him to ask you out! :)

    answer mine please!;_ylt=Anb9W...

  • whyme?
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    He may like you but as you write, being a freshman, I suggest that you concentrate on your English grammar and spelling instead of boys.

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