Why don't people wish you a happy birthday on facebook?

Is it because they don't like you or couldn't be bothered?

It kind of feels shambolic to have 'friends' on facebook that never pass you the time of day........sigh....a kind word never broke the mouth did it?

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    They either don't care, or don't check it every day.

    Facebook used to give you an alert almost a week ahead of time. Now it only comes up in a small corner on that exact day. I know a majority of the time when I check it, that corner of the screen is almost hidden. Anyway, don't take it personal if someone doesn't, they probably just missed it.

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    Are you homeschooled? Do you have lots of facebook friends that you don't really know? Maybe your just not liked by many people or your not well-known. If your really upset about not getting told happy birthday on facebook hint towards it on your status...say something like "Finally can legally drive" ooooor "ughh, another year older today :/ " whatever floats your boat really.

    Hope I helped:)

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    1 decade ago

    that is rude, i agree but maybe not a lot of people are on face book all the time that are your friends or maybe they all were not online that day or maybe they just forgot. think positive and have a happy birthday/hope you had a happy birthday, don't know when it was xx

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe your B-day is not publicly listed. I don't have mine shown on Facebook, and wouldn't recommend it. Or they simply aren't on on your Bday (I don't usually go in unless I get an email stating I got a message). Or they simply didn't notice it in the small little corner they post it on.

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    1 decade ago

    The notifications are quite small, but yeah that is rude

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe they're not on facebook everyday...

  • hmm it really that serious to you ...

    im not sure maybe because they don't want to or feel like it sounds mean but idk why else

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