Is Alex Jones, the conspiricy theorist, a fraud or is he telling the truth?


You know Alex Jones, the guy who directed and filmed the "Obama Deception" doesn't he sound just like Glenn Beck. Now, I understand what politicians do in order to get elected and I know propaganda. JFK was called "the anti-christ" by his political enemies for what reason? Well, simply put, he was called the "anti-christ" so that people WOULDN'T VOTE FOR HIM. Now adays it is popular for political enemies to accuse each other of being apart of the "NWO" (New World Order.) Calling each other the antichrist is not popular anymore. It is all just political propaganda people.

Could it be that this Alex Jones guy is getting paid by rich Republicans like John McCain or Glenn Beck to simply make up crap and claim obama is trying to take over the world or something? I mean do you guys really think that he simply just wakes up one day and then decides to believe in that crap? This guy is obviously getting paid to do this. Glenn Beck gets paid to make up **** as well. It is obvious that there is no "NWO" there is no "elite." Come on people, there is no "shadow government."

By the way I am not a fan of obama I am simply just stating that Alex Jones is a fraud. I mean if there TRULY WAS A "NWO" GOVERNMENT in power RIGHT NOW, why am I allowed to type this? Do you really think that government is that powerful?

The government can barely fight drugs on the war on drugs. Do you really think they can both police the streets and look for drug lords and patrol the internet looking for people like me? Seriously, our government is not that powerful.

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    OK, one biggie from Alex Jones is that 9/11 is an inside job. I put together some news clips and testimony. Let's see how it compares to what Alex Jones says: Please watch this first video linked here. It’s only one minute. You’re going to be impressed. This is a local news video of a witness named Kenny Johannemann testifying to explosions that happened in the basement of one of the WTC towers. While he is testifying you still see both of the twin towers burning behind him in the background. This was live footage and it's only ONE minute long. Go ahead and watch this here:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (YouTube Key Words: Johannemann suicide)

    Those explosions were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling the tower. You didn’t see this on TV. Does that prick your interest?

    Now look at this. Barry Jennings was another witness that got stuck in Building Seven during 9/11. Building Seven fell later that same day but was NEVER hit by a jet. Watch his account here:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (YouTube Key Words: Barry Jennings dead age – more hits when “dead age” excluded)

    Again, the explosions he talked about were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling down this building. Again, you didn't see Barry’s testimony on TV.

    Here’s some different evidence. Steve Jones, a nuclear physicist, obtained WTC dust samples from the collapsed WTC towers and analyzed it. He reported his detailed findings here in Boston:

    (Google Video Key Words: Steve Jones Boston)

    Those “red chips” he talked about weren’t the smoking gun they were THE GUN. See the article here:

    Click here for his actual peer-reviewed paper::

    Now get a load of this:

    The BBC reported the collapse of the Solomon Building (Building Seven) 20 minutes BEFORE it actually collapsed. Watch that here:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (YouTube Key Words: BBC Solomon slips – you get more hits by excluding “slips”)

    How did the BBC know in advance that Building Seven would collapse? The fact that it was announced in advance is strong support that the flow of information on this tragedy was being controlled.

    Were the people at the BBC the only people privy to this information? Probably not. Larry Silverstein was the leaseholder of Building Seven. In a 2002 PBS documentary he talked about how he discussed the Building Seven situation with the fire department and how the decision was made by that department to "pull" it. Well, there is one problem with his testimony that you may want to consider. It takes about a week to rig a building with explosives before you pull it. So are buildings constructed with built-in explosives just in case they need to be blown up in a hurry? Building Seven went down that same day. Whoops! Watch Larry's testimony from the PBS documentary here in this short clip:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (YouTube Key words: PBS Silverstein)

    Incidentally, luckily for Larry, he insured his property in the nick of time just six months before September 11th! It was a sweet deal. So who orchestrated this terrorist event anyway? They had to get past the FBI and CIA and prepare at least three buildings for demolition as well as direct the activities of men with box cutters (if they even existed). It’s clear from the evidence presented here so far that at least some of the media was in on this. What else could explain the BBC blunder? They had to control the information to those of us who might not like the idea that a few thousand people had to be killed in order to fulfill some kind of agenda. What’s in it for these people that were “in the know?”

    Aaron Russo was a famous movie producer who became best friends with one of the Rockefeller family members (Remember “The Rose” and "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy?). This is the same Rockefeller family that is a large shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank -- a private company that loans money to our government and contributes to our huge national debt. You see the name “Federal Reserve” at the top the dollar bill. Yes, we're talking about THAT Bank! Anyway, the upshot of this friendship was that in the year 2000 (11 months before 9/11) Aaron Russo learned from his Rockefeller buddy that there was going to be an "event". He was told that out of this event the U.S. would go into Afghanistan and look for Bin Laden in Caves and then the U.S. would go into Iraq. His fascinating testimony about this "event" starts at 26:45 here in this interview:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Google Video Key Words: Aaron Russo Warnings)

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    Alex Jones Fraud

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    I think some of the people who study and report on conspiracies tell from 80-90% truth and the other 10-15% may not be totally true. Misdirection plays a role here. While we're watching and paying very close attention to the topic of the moment, something much worse is happening or being planned elsewhere, like magic tricks.

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    I think Alex Jones mixing truth in with utter stupidity for the purpose of throwing people off of the truth.

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    you ask a valid question but you are totally misinformed on your facts. you have not done enough research an do not know enough about the subject you are asking about. jones is a type of fraud but you wont understand exactly what his mission is,

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    Much of what Alex says has validity but he no doubt embellishes like most do.

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    You watch any of his DVDs he always tells the sources of his info. Check out his sources and see what you think. I for one find him more on the mark then not most of the time

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    FRAUD full of crap. leader of the nut jobs. They follow like zombies.

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