my 16 yr old wants to get her GED and be done with school.....Opinions?

My daughter has always been a great student, good grades, smart, and then hit highschool. She is now in the 10th grade and because she has social (peer) anxiety, it makes it very hard for her to learn or function at school, so we have been doing online schooling. That isnt panning out too well either, she really needs someone to teach this stuff to her instead of trying to learn on her own. She has a part time job now, and one of her coworkers was telling her he had gotten his GED at 17. Now she thinks that is what she wants to do, just get a GED be done with school and start working full time, Possibly take some college down the road.

I have been researching the pros and cons. ... If she cant hardly keep it together at school, shes not learning real well anyway. Switching schools isnt an option either...I dont want her to just skip out on an education, but I guess there is still a lot you can do even with a GED.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?? I am still undecided ...There is a lot more to the story as well, but you probably dont want to read a novel....LOL

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    This is what I did...I just could not TAKE school any more, it truly was, in every way, holding me back. I took a month off in 11th grade, tutored myself at home, aced the GED and have gone on to have a very successful life. I own (as in, no mortgage...OWN) 3 homes,3 cars, take several vacations a year to England, the Islands, you name it. I have 5 kids and am married to a man who did exactly the same thing, and I can say we are some of the most successful people I know personally.

    She can still go to college...all she will have to do is start out in a school that accepts GED and then transfer credits (according to the policies of the schools involved of course, so that must be looked into).

    She can have a great life, and if school just isn't working, then that's just how it is. It's not meant for everyone. As I said my husband and I have been just fine. Our main home that we live in is in one of the nicest subdivisions in one of the nicest cities in America (according to Forbes). Our neighbors are doctors and attorneys, and I know they all have more debt than we do and less to show for it. And here we are two high school drop-outs-and it hasn't hurt us a bit

    Gauge your daughter's abilities and her motivation. IF she is the lazy sort just looking for a way out, I say NO WAY. But if she really is ready for the next phase, I say let her.

    Good luck!

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    Hey, a GED is not that bad. Community College isn't your only option either. I dropped out my junior year after trying everything, I just really disliked high school. it wasn't for me. So I got my GED 6 months before my actual graduation date.....I am now in college studying for my Masters, but I have been working for the federal government for a few months now. and it's almost as if I had my diploma, literally a GED has not held me back from ANYTHING! If anything I was able to jump start my career much faster.

    high school is not for everybody......some people just don't want to go, they find it miserable and can not stand to sit in a high school class.

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    For some, it is the best answer. Be advised, that she will probably only be able go to Community College and not to a University at first. One pro I learned from a friend that did that (she got pregnant at 16) is that your high school GPA does not follow you around, so if it isn't the greatest then it is another pro. GEDs are not always easy to get, she will have to study.

  • I guess having a GED is better than not having a high school diploma at all but I do think if she plans on going to college and further advancing in career options, it would be wise to stick to school. Maybe you could search other options like hiring a teacher to come to your house and teach her what she needs to know with out her actually having to go to school.

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    I take some online classes too, so I can understand. I would say that if she REALLY wants to do this then make a deal with her, like that she'll go to college later on, or what you feel would be best for her. I would talk to a counselor about this to get a better idea. She must have had to talk to a counselor to start her online classes (I had to) if she did, I would definitely recommend talking to them about this, or the (or a) career/future counselor. Whatever you all feel will work best for her you should do. I hope this helps!

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    If she wants to go to college, she needs to stay in school.

    If you're fine with a community college (or no college at all) then a GED will suffice. You said that she wants to start working immediately, so this is probably a good option for her.

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