can you be a tug boat captain if you are on probation for a DWI?

In Texas, can you drive a tug boat with a conviction and on probation for a DWI?

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    "Texas" doesn't really have anything to do with this.

    The answer to "Can you be a tug boat captain with a DWI?"

    Is really, YES, but probably MAYBE. . . And here is why. . .

    You need Federal Government Mariner Documents. To get this, you must obtain a "TWIC" card. (That the starting point.) While you can get approved for a TWIC with a DWI on your record, you can not get you "application" processed while you are on a DWI probation. That all MUST be behind you.

    The TWIC or Transportation Worker Identification Credential, is issued by the Transportation Security Administration (under Homeland Security). You must have a TWIC card to work in the transportation industry.

    While a DWI is not a disqualifying offense... your application will not be approved until your "probation" is ended.

    In addition, the USCG takes a very hard stance when it comes to Boating Under the Influence. A BUI is as deadly as a DWI. In addition, A boat operator is more likely to become impaired more quickly than a auto driver. The penalties for BUI include large fines, revocation of operator privileges and serious jail terms. The use of alcohol is involved in about a third of all recreational boating fatalities, and a USCG Captain (employed by anyone) would certainly be fired.

    In addition, you don't mention any experience, and if you are starting out at ground zero, you have a long process ahead of you...

    To become a Tug Capt, in the U.S. you first need to have your TWIC card and a valid U.S. Coast Guard License, of proper tonnage. The minimum requirement for Tugs is a Master of towing vessel license, but most companies want you to have a 1600gt masters. Tug Pilots generally want an Unlimited Masters license with at least five years as master, although some Companies are taking fresh Third Mates on as apprentices.

    To obtain the license, the best way is to apply and attend any one of various Maritime academies throughout the United states. These institutions will, upon graduation, give you everything you need to go to sea. Another option is to contact the nearest Coast Guard Regional Exam Center(REC), and get an application for an Ordinary Seamans Document(O/S,MMD). Fill out the application , and submit it with a drug test, and completed coastguard physical. You then are evaluated for the rating, pay the fee, and receive your document. this will allow you to sail as an ordinary on merchant vessels, accruing sea time and experience to slowly upgrade your rating, by examinations at the REC, to an officer. With the officers license in hand, and with training, you may become a Pilot, or Tug Master.

    To work your way through all this will take several years... Then, when you get there, the question will always be: "Can we trust, and should we hire this guy as a Captain, that has a DWI?"

    So, the situation is an uphill battle for you, but for sure it can be done.


    PS. all you need to know about this can be found at the links below:

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    Maths works out where the tug needs to be positioned on the ship and how powerful it needs to be. If there are three tugs pulling a ship with a current in the water, there is a lot of work going into the angles and speed of the tugs.

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    As Capt. John said, Maybe.

    If you're currently fully credentialed and have the recency for the area you plan to work, yes you can. If you're missing the credentials, you can get a TWIC (I don't know that longshoremen can get their jobs unless they've been in jail and/or belong to the mob) card, and maybe a Merchant Mariner's Credential for an entry-level unlicensed position, but a license will be harder to get.

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    If you have your captains license you can "drive" any ship with in the limits of the license, however the USCG might convene a hearing and/or suspend that license. It depends on the circumstances.

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    If a Captain lost his license due to a felony charge. Time now served. (years later) How can he obtain one again?

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    Most time your ticket is pulled with a DUI so I would say NO. They wouldn't hire U as the liberality and insurance is to high.

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    If you have a current Captains license you can.

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    If you could I wouldn't get on that tug.

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    as long as your back on time

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    just have another beer and forget it

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