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Best Way Home After A Party?

Im Going to my friends 19th birthday party , its a 15min ride , what is the best way to avoid driving home without giving my keys to someone ?

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    Walk, bus, train, taxi, arrange a lift or for a family member to pick you up.

    You can always stay over at someones house till morning.

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    Either cab it both ways (no keys to give up) or cab it home or hoof it home. Leave car at home and catch a ride with someone and then cab it home. Call someone who hasn't been drinking for a lift. Crash overnight at the hosts house. Sleep in the yard of some neighbor and you get a lift from the police right to their station, better to have a public intoxication than dui or a major accident that could injure you or someone else.

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    You can't walk that far, especially if you've been drinking, so if you don't have the self control to not drive drunk, take a cab there and back or have someone be a designated driver. Make sure it's someone who will stay sober.

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    Taxi,Bus or a friend or family member walking is not recommended you could get hurt I have seen it.

    (example) true story

    just last night a neighbor was running to the store trying to get there before they closed and ran into a telephone post.

    I hope he's okay

    also I have seen people along side the road staggering and falling down. falling off bikes etc.

    think about this staggering into the road and getting hit.

    Source(s): experienced,seeing happen
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    Call a Cab.

    Leave car keys at home.

    Or stay sober.

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    Well, don't drink. If you are underage, it is probably a bad idea anyways. But if you do intened on drinking, call a cab for the ride home.

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    Taking a cab

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    Ride out there with someone who doesn't drink and give them gas money to bring you back home.

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    Public transportation. Seriously, ive gotten really wasted before.

    Heck you will never know how fun it is to try to DRIVE the railroad bus drunk!!!

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