My knee really hurts! Help Please?

My knee has been for hurting for about 2 weeks now. I'm 12 years old and during my hockey game I lost an edge and slid hard into the boards. It stung for about 5 minutes then it was okay to walk on it. Ever since then my knee has been really sensitive. If I press just about my knee it hurts really bad. If someone bumps into it or I bump into something it STINGS for about 30 seconds then it starts feeling better. Also, when I push on it a little there will be a... kind of a numbness on the right side of my knee. Should I just give it time to heal?


I does not hurt to walk, it's just when someone touches it!

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    You need to go and see your doctor. This could nothing or something serious. You don't want to go into another Hockey Game and get seriously injured.

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