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US Dollar/Economy Collapse. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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    Yes, a US Dollar/Economy Collapse is inevitable. The only question is how soon. The flight from the dollar began about five years as a stealthy shuffle to the side. The really smart people took the hint and reacted accordingly. Now everyone who isn't stupid is beginning to scurry away. That still leaves a lot of people though. When they, the common herd, understand what's happening, the stampede will really begin.

    As an American this grieves me but as a rational being, I cannot deny. No country can follow the fiscal policies of Zimbabwe and not expect to suffer the fate of Zimbabwe. My fellow Americans have been children living in a fool's paradise. The party was great while it lasted but it's just about over. Ready or not, it's time to leave the club and go back into Cold, Hard Reality....

    Do I sound smug? If so, it's because I am. I've been investing with an eye to the coming catastrophe for more than three years now. I've made serious money the past two years & I expect to make more as this thing unravels.

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    The USA will be running just fine in the summer of 2010. I think the Jehovah Witnesses predicted the end of the world a few times too didn't they? So, how will you feel about Igor Panarin in 2012 when the USA is still there? Russia... you are not getting back Alaska. Ms Palin is keeping an eye on you!

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    If it didn't collapse under Bush, it's not going to collapse now. Like it or not, our economic picture is improving, with steps at long last being taken for deficit reduction. But the 'dooms-dayers' will always be there.

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    It is in the process right now. They are printing more and more money all the time & we are in debt up to our ears..


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    Obama wants to evenly distribute wealth and poverty throught the world. Or so Republican talk radio sais.

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