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How can atheists get punished for not believing since if we actually saw evidence, most of us would change?


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    So let me get this straight, Jackie :

    On the strength of billions of believers you still won't move an inch yet

    you are sure that evidence would change things though you have nobody to support that belief ?

    No, Jackie, you have long been labeled here as the unserious person. Fact is, you have zip evidence that anybody would change -- and you know it. And those who have changed, the billions before your face, you write off.

    I am a convert, I know you as many here don't because I used to do the same lying and invoke other people to excuse myself.

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    You must live in Iran. Oh you are talking about being sent to hell for not believing, by GOD. Then you must believe in GOD. Otherwise I know of no punishment in any country for not believing, unless your out causing a ruckus about your non belief. You can not breathe if you do not inhale. When it is your time to die I guarantee you will be calling on OUR MAKER.

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    God does exist, in the minds of many humans. That said, atheists will not be punished for not believing and no can argue otherwise and win the argument.

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    you have been given plenty of proof just by seeing His creation alone. You can do more research into it by reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel or What is so great about Christianity anyway by Dinesh D Souza, reading a gospel the whole way through.....and then praying about it sincerely. Yes you will get eternal death not because I say so but because unbelievers have that fate because of their unbelief. If you have any hope and desire for eternal life then seek after it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hmm... Most of us? I'm not so sure. I would never worship a malevolent god (Nor any god, for that matter, but that's just me).

    Being open here: If a god did exist and I was to be punished, I would stay defiant to the end.

  • Acorn
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    1 decade ago

    Whoever says atheists get punished for not believing needs a swift kick in the derriere. People who say such ignorant things should be ignored.

    It is no Christian's place to tell another person when and why they will be punished. That's between each individual and God. It's arrogant to think you can go around telling people God will punish them for their beliefs.

  • whyme?
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    I don't believe that anyone will be punished just because they do not believe in someone else's god. My belief is that if you lead a good life, there is no need for punishment, (that is if there is an hereafter).

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    You are looking for empirical evidence when it should be rational evidence based on first principles.

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    is not the greater sin and wrong believing in things for there being no evidence or justification for?

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    I wonder that too. I think is cause we need to have faith in God and try to get closer to him, then when your really close to God you'll know that his real because you'll feel him with you :) and sometimes he does give you signs, you just gotta have faith.

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