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What does she mean and MOTHERS: How would you feel?

So I got inducted for NHS today and in case you don't know what NHS is, it stands for "National Honor Society" meaning at MY school, if you're in have a 4.0 or above GPA, you have outstanding grades and overall semester averages in advanced honor courses. You have done community service, done volunteering hours, etc..

I didn't tell my parents because they wouldn't care about this kind of stuff...i mean, as long as i do ok in school, thats all that matters to them but they dont care about cermonies and plus they're busy on Fridays and stuck at work.

However, my mom called me today and asked "Should I come to your ceremony? Do you want me to come?" and I was suprised because my parents dont usually care about that stuff because when I was in 8th grade, I got inducted for National Junior Society and my parents said they didnt care about the ceremony or whatever.

They have never shown up for one of my school events before so thats why im shocked my parents were willing to come. But I'm so used to them NOT coming to any of my achievements or seeing the ceremonies or whatever so I said "No, its ok. You don't have to come, I know you're busy at work, I have my friends to support me".

Anyways my mom sounded dissapointed and said "Are you sure?" and i said "yeah its ok you havent been to any of my other school events anyways"...then we said bye and i hung up. i feel guilty but im really ok with my parents not coming.

Did I make her feel bad or what?


I wasn't trying to make her feel bad AT ALL. That wasn't my intention, its just I know my parents don't care abou thtis stuff..

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    Yes, you made her feel bad and I think some little part of you knows that and wanted to. Maybe you're just trying to get back at her for not coming the first time. Call you mom and tell her you'd love for her to be there. Moms love to share in this stuff when they can.

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    Even though your mom couldn't come, she felt disappointed. I'm pretty sure they care, it's just that they don't have the energy to actually care enough to come. I think next time that you should ask them to come and if they don't come, don't feel disappointed because you already knew they wouldn't come.

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    You probably made her feel bad. You parents show in interest and you say no ? Tell her it's okay , and she can go seeing as she was so disapointed in not being ableto.

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    Yes, you probably made her feel awful. You should let her come. She obviously wants to come, why would you say no to that? Maybe now she wants to get involved, you shouldn't discourage that.

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    I'm not a mom but yeah I'm sure you did

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    you probably made her feel bad...

    but, what can you do ?

    and congradulations!!

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