An Online website editor tool for my clients wanting to editor their own website.?

I am a website designer. I design my clients websites in Frontpage, launch the website on my hosting account through GoDaddy. Recently, my clients have started asking to update their own site. I am fine with that. What is the easiest way to allow them to login to their own website and update their own website by making simple changes, text, images, etc... nothing hard, they would email me to make the tough changes.

I have tried some Content Management Systems and they are way to confusing for my clients. There has to be somthing out there that will allow a login directly online and make simple changes.

I am open for sugessions. I am even open for a website hosting service that gives the abililty to upload the css file, and all the html files from the site to build the website.

Thanks in advance.


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    1 decade ago
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    Can't be much of a web designer as FrontPage is the world's WORSE web editor and is really outdated. Word, WordPad, Publisher and even the infamous FrontPage, including many Microsoft web editors should NEVER be used for web pages. They guarantee that your web pages will NOT be cross-browser compatible because of all the Microsoft Schema code it adds. Only IE and Maxthon understand this code. Additionally, FrontPage requires server extensions be installed to work.

    The only direct login is via FTP since you don't want to use CMS. Your clients can learn to use a Visual Editor and upload the files to the server directly. Only problem with that is they probably will have no clue as where to upload to. Hope you maintain a good backup of all files and keep them current as letting clients edit is asking for trouble without using a CMS.


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    Another best way is to build your client website using this website building tools and once done, give them access to it. You can build your own professional looking site quickly and easily with do-it-yourself website builder. Take a look at this few nice list of online site builder and I am sure you will found one from the list:

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