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my best friend or whatever you'd call her is slightly weird! when i'm round her house she always pretends to faint and stuff and today she put talcom powder in my HAIR! then she put some in hers! she also spent about 15 minutes trying to get her hair to look like a nerd and then she kept speaking in baby voices. she also tried to FORCE FEED me chocolate mousse when she knows i don't like it. she also got me to keep pushing her down on the bed so shed keep laughing because she said her cousin did it and it was funny....what.shall.i.do?

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    I would suggest if you don't like to hang out with her slowly sepparate ur selves, or tell her how u feel and tell her what is bothering u, hopefully she will understand

  • 1 decade ago

    wow, she must not have any other friends cuz she doesnt seem like she has good social skills,

    but what does talcum powder do to ur hair?

  • Slug
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    1 decade ago

    find a more normal friend i think she is going to be one of those late bloomers and not actually mature until she is in her 20s

  • 1 decade ago

    take a step back and look at what type of person she is... if she needs help get her some.

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