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Who looks worse because of the leaked documents (wikileaks): democrats or republicans?

please, try to be objective.

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    They look about the same.

    They've embarrassed Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration as well as the Bush administration. It's not really a matter of Democrats versus Republicans as it is freedom of information versus the enshrinement of espionage.

    (Oddly, though, while many liberal governments including our own have taken sides against WikiLeaks simply because they're disruptive and embarrassing, many conservatives seem to have developed a deep-seated hatred for the website. I can only really ascribe this to the conservative romanticization of the Cold War, and the fear that icons like James Bond and Jack Bauer don't really apply to a post-information age world where governments don't really have 'secret ops' any more.)

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    Democrats - because now they are launching charges against Assange for simply practicing free speech. It makes them look like Republicans.

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    Neither. Seriously people need to get a grip. The only ones who look bad are those who actually didn't realize the crap contained in the cables has been going on for decades.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know what documents were leaked. I haven't seen them. Therefore, I can't say whose party or administration was given more embarrassment.

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