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cat has black thing on side! please help!?

My Maine-Coon cat has a black thing that looks like a mole on his side. He's had one before but when the vet saw it she said she had no clue what it was. A few weeks later I squeezed it out and it was white with a black head. It was not pus but similar to what you would squeeze out of a blackhead and roughly 3 cm. long. When it was gone it left a small indention in his side. Now he has another one and I'm wondering if it could be a sign of an illness or something. Has anyone experienced this with their pets or know anything about this? As I said before he is a Maine-Coon. He weighs about 16lbs. and is about 7 years old.

Thanks for your help!

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    could it be a bot fly larva? this is common in horses,but can occur in other species,including people.look up bot fly larva online and see if it looks like what u sounds like some sort of parasite to me.if there is a vet hospital nearby send the squeezed out thing to them and ask them to identify it ,or ask ur vet to send the specimen to a vet wont cost to ask,vets frequently contact vet schools for answers if they are stumped.good luck.

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    in the event that they're at the two-3:00 and 9-10:00 place, they're the anal gland openings. while a cat poops the poop often is confusing adequate to press out something interior the glands, interior the technique. If the poop is merely too gentle it now and lower back purely does a partial job and crud sticks to the openings of the glands.

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