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Home remedies to get bouncy, smooth, silky hair and NOT frizzy hair?

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    Okay these are going to sound... odd, but they work.

    Raw eggs & olive oil will make you hair look really sleek and shiny. Yeah. I know, ewww. But if you work some beaten up eggs into olive oil and apply it to your wet/warm hair and let sit for 30 min or so before rinsing you'll start seeing a difference in your hair.

    Note: Warm water before hand opens up your hair follicles so what ever you are applying to your hair really gets in there. If you rinse with cold water it will make you hair sleeker.

    Also try mashed up avocados.

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    I see you have frizzy hair problem and my answer will be about the frizzy hair part only.

    Frizzy hair is not a hair type, it is a hair condition. What will happen to your hair if it is something in between curly and wavy hair type and is temporarily dry? It will become Frizzy. Frizzy hair looks messy, locks are not shiny and they look fluffy. Such hair become more fluffy in high humidity weather.

    What to do with frizzy hair?

    As I told above in most cases frizz is caused by dryness, so the key to non frizzy hair is moisturizing...

    The article is longer and including a lot more information with pictures and product advices, so better to check the web page to read the rest of it and benefit even more from the knowledge.

    I hope this will help a bit for your frizzy hair problem.


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    u can use mayo and avocado and it makes ur hair softer u can try olive oil which is the best thing to do u can leave that in ur hair then wash it out u might have to wash twice i 100% say that olive oil is the best home remedy :D

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