Exam part 2, please help me with the answers?

26. For which of the following is a vaccine NOT available?

a) Neisseria meningitidis

b) Tetanus-does have a vaccine

c) Haemophilus meningitis

d) Rabies-does have a vaccine

e) Botulism

27. You advise your pregnant friend to give her cat away because:

a) She could get toxoplasmosis

b) She could give the cat tularemia

c) You don’t like cats and want to see your friend without one

d) She could contract plague

e) She could get listeriosis

28. The etiologic agent of warts is:

a) Poxvirus

b) Herpesvirus

c) Staphylococcus aureus

d) Parvovirus

e) Papovavirus

29. Which of the following is NOT transmitted by the respiratory route?

a) Chickenpox-is transmitted via respiration

b) Trichophyton

c) Smallpox-is transmitted via respiration

d) Rubella

e) Measles-is transmitted via respiration

30. On Oct 5, a pet store sold a kitten that subsequently died. On Oct 22, rabies was diagnosed in the kitten. Between Sept 19 and Oct 23, the pet store had sold 34 kittens. Approximately 1000 people responded to health care providers following local media alerts. These people were given:

a) Serological tests for rabies

b) Treatment if they tested positive

c) Antibiotics

d) Antirabies immunoglobulin

e) Rabies vaccination

31. Which of the following is NOT a causative agent of conjunctivitis?

a) Haemophilus influenzae

b) Chlamydia trachomatis

c) Herpes simplex

d) Neisseria gonorrhoeae

e) Adenovirus

32. Scabies is a skin disease caused by:

a) A bacterium

b) A prion

c) A mite

d) A protozoan

e) A slow virus

33. The causative agent of bubonic and pneumonic plague is:

a) Borrelia burgdorferi

b) Francisella tularensis

c) Toxoplasma gondii

d) Clostridium perfringens

e) Yersinia pestis

34. Which of the following is NOT caused by prions?

a) Elk chronic wasting disease

b) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

c) Kuru

d) Rabies

e) Sheep scrapie

35. The etiologic agent of fifth disease is:

a) Herpes simplex

b) Herpes zoster

c) Parvovirus

d) Poxvirus

e) HHV-6

36. Which of the following is sensitive to penicillin?

a) Herpesvirus

b) Streptococcus

c) Candida

d) Chlamydia

e) Pseudomonas

37. A predisposing factor for infection by Clostridium perfringens is:

a) Gangrene

b) An infected finger

c) Hyperbaric treatment

d) Debridement

e) Burns

38. The most common cause of meningitis in children is:

a) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

b) Haemophilus influenzae

c) Cryptococcus neoformans

d) Stretococcus pneumoniae

e) Neisseria meningitidis

39. A bull’s-eye rash is associated with infections of which of the following?

a) Borrelia burgdorferi

b) Epstein-Barr virus

c) Francisella tularensis

d) Yersinia pestis

e) Dengue virus

40. Which of the following organisms is NOT correctly matched to the recommended treatment?

a) Poliovirus – Salk vaccine

b) Neisseria – cephalosporins

c) Cryptococcus neoformans – amphotericin B

d) Haemophilus influenzae – cephalosporins

e) Mycobacterium - dapsone

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    Many answers can be found on the CDC website.

    If this is an exam, doesn't your school consider this cheating? You should really learn to do this research yourself.

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    Paper a million replaced into soo consumer-friendly. Paper 2 replaced into large different than the vector question- which i think of I controlled to scrape some marks from besides. people who do physics could locate the vector's question possible. I made a mistake on the mixing question via employing levels in radians- which made my solutions incorrect- yet a contintued errors means that I won't get penalized too plenty. final year the A mark replaced into seventy 8%, and that i think of it is going to likely be around seventy two% this year. a minimum of i wish, besides. additionally, with the vector question, for the 1st section you utilize a.b = |a||b|cos(theta), and for the different ones, you rearage the vectors interior the 'tip to tail' type, e.g whilst it suggested p-q, you draw a line for p, then q, yet with the q going the different path, and you in basic terms locate the consequent distance, employing the cosine rule:) edit: Erasmus- 161 years replaced into the answer to section B. Gratz:P

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    26. E??

    29. B

    30. A/B

    32. C

    36. B

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